Bruce is one of the three starting characters in Zooba Battle Royale.

On the character menu, he is described as the 'Unstoppable warrior' he is also never knocks back! Bruce is a gorilla which is why Zooba added him



How hard it is to kill this character.

Healthstat.png Total
Health 2000


Total damage from all attacks.

Damagestat.png Total Shotgun Bomb Spear Smash
Damage 1600 500 300 400 400


Your character speed and mobility, including abilities.

Agilitystat.png Total Speed Thrust Smash
Agility 62 38 12 12


The average distance of this character's attacks.

Rangestat.png Average Shotgun Bomb Spear Smash
Range 55 70 60 50 40


Name Type Effect Cooldown Damage Speed
BrucePassive.png Tough Guy Passive Cannot be knocked back from ranged and physical attacks. None None None
BruceActive.png Smash Active Flings into the ground, causing area damage to nearby enemies. 5.2s 400 12


Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Health 2000 2500 3150 3914 4800 6100 7600 9500 11900 14800 18600 23200 29300 36800 44400 52700
Damage 1600 1900 2275 2745 3400 4000 4900 6100 7600 9500 11900 14800 18600 23200 29300 36800


Weapon Variant Cooldown Range Damage
(Level 1)
Spread Angle Blast
Legendsh0.png Shotgun Burst 6s 7 500 150.00°
Legendbomb.png Bomb Throw 5s 6 300 5.00
Legendspear.png Spear Thrust 4s 5 400


CheekyBruce.png AngryBruce.png BruceE001.png BruceE002.png BruceE003.png CheekyExec.png AngryExec.png





Bruce is a hard character to play when you are high trophies. Bruce is slow and small range so his best environment is bushes. Bruce easily get destroy from any sniper and fast character. Best tip for Bruce is to stay in Bush and try to get close to them and DO NOT chase them. Here are the best tips for Bruce.

You cannot catch them and NEVER TRY - they are too fast. It's also hard for you to beat because they have more range than you and also can escape your attack easily. (Strategy 1) To beat them hide in a bush then slam and the use your shotgun then spear. (Strategy 2) When you know you can't touch them, try to pretend to run away and mostly they will come near you.

  • Vs Himself Bruce

The mirror match up. Hide in a bush then slam the enemy Bruce and then shoot him with your shotgun and spear then grenade. Try to dodge his Slam too.

Your Ability do more damage but they have the most dangerous ability try to avoid at all cost. (Strategy 1) Risk and Try to slam and spear though their back and mostly they will miss their ability. (Strategy 2) First try to dodge their Active then try to attack him use Slam and Shotgun and then when you use all your weapons try to run away as soon as possible and DO NOT Stand there because your cooldown is slow.

Every sniper is super annoying and can kill you from Far Away. (Strategy 1) you need to do like you do with Nix but with Jungle Shoes then try to get to Bush or close as fast as possible then you can use jungle shoe and Holy Sandals to catch up (they pretty much death if they can't get away. (Strategy 2/not recommend) Pretend to AFK if he come close to you use spear and slam. Third you need dodge his arrow, spear and bow; Use slam and spear to dodge those thing, when you see him aiming at you step backwards, right or left. Doing that until you get near him or just ran away.

High Health vs High Damage match up. Really easy match up for Bruce if they are close to you and weapons are on cooldown. (Strategy 1) don't try to catch them, when he attack you with his Jungle shoes or the use the slam to avoid all their attack. Then you can attack them. (Strategy 2) When you know you can't dodge their attack try to slam at the point they get close to I then run around circle around them to avoid as many cost.

Mostly they will die if you manage to close to them

Shelly bow does a lot of damage,she can go in her shell to survive your slam and she also has a shotgun for close range.To beat her you must use your grenade as you approach her and dodge her arrows.Hit her with your shotgun and use your spear.If Shelly gets into her shell wait otherwise/then slam her and use your shotgun and she is dead.

You would not realize how many times I died because of Duke.Either because he roars then kills me,or runs away and then roar with his stupidly massive radius.You need to slam to dodge his roar then use your weapons and save your slam for when he roars.


  • Bruce has the highest health in the game (don't count any ability or passive).
  • Bruce is one of the characters have legendary skin
  • Bruce have the shortest range in the game


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