Buck is a character featured in Zooba: Battle Royale.

In-game he is known as the 'Short - Range Fighter'. He is one of the three starting characters alongside Nix and Bruce. He is a bull who can bowl a bomb, do a 360 spin with a spear and shoot a burst from a shotgun, Buck is a formidable opponent to come cross. What he lacks in health he makes up for in brute strength, which can be stronger than Bruce!

How to Unlock?

  • Available as a starting character. (You get to choose from Nix, Bruce, Buck.)
  • From crates league 1 or higher


How hard it is to kill this character.

Healthstat.png Total
Health 1500


Total damage from all attacks.

Damagestat.png Total Shotgun Bomb Spear Stampede
Damage 1350 500 300 300 250


Your character speed and mobility, including abilities.

Agilitystat.png Total Speed Fury
Agility 62 38 24


The average distance of this character's attacks.

Rangestat.png Average Shotgun Bomb 360 Swing Charge
Range 90 70 140 60


Name Type Effect Cooldown Damage Speed
Furry Passive When the buffalo hits an enemy with any attack, he gets a speed boost and a cooldown reduction for a few seconds. none none 25
Stampede Active The buffalo charges foward, using his horns to throw enemies behind him. 6s 250 none


Weapon Variant Cooldown Range Damage
(Level 1)
Spread Angle Blast
Shotgun Burst 5s 7 500 150.00°
Bomb Bowling 3.5s 14 300


Spear 360 Swing 3s 6 300

Balance Changes

v1.8.0 (11/26/19)

  • Buck has replaced Molly as a starter character, and as a result, some characters were shuffled around in the first few leagues

v1.12.0 (12/22/19)

  • Stampede Activation Time (the time before he starts moving forward) increased from 150ms to 200ms

v1.20.0 (3/12/20)

  • Active skill cooldown increased

v1.23.0 (4/6/20)

  • Charge preparation time increased from 0.35s to 0.55s
  • Can be knocked back while running with his active ability



  • Bucks fury is similar to Duke ability, rage.
  • Bucks character model doesn't have eyes, He has nothing under his eyebrows!
  • Buck's passive Fury allows him to pick up loots more quickly.


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