Crates are a prominent game-mechanic featured in Zooba: Battle Arena.

How does it work?

Crates are used to either unlock new characters or unlock new items.

They also reward you with gold and tokens which can be used to upgrade your characters/items and improve your overall game experience.

Types of crates

Type Name Contents Image
None Free Crate The free crate gives only a few coins and tokens (1 per 4 hours/max at 2)
Free Crate
Toolbox Bronze Toolbox The bronze toolbox gives you Coins and Tokens as well, and it can also give you a common item.
Bronze Toolbox
Crate Gold Crate The golden crate gives you Coins and Tokens as well, and it can also give you a new character.
Gold Crate
Toolbox Gold Toolbox The gold toolbox can give you up to 1100 coins and a rare or an epic item.
Gold Toolbox
Toolbox Silver Toolbox This toolbox can only give you coins and a rare item or a common item.
Silver Toolbox
Toolbox Emerald Toolbox The emerald crate can give up to 4400 coins, 2 rare item, or an epic item.
Emerald Toolbox
Crate Emerald Crate The emerald crate can give up to 2000 coins, 90 Tokens, high chance of new character.
Emerald Crate
Crate Legendary Crate Legendary Crate give up from 7100 coins to 8000 coins, more than 200 Tokens and better chance of getting new character or epic item
Legendary Crate



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