Finn is a character featured in Zooba Battle Royale.


Lurking beneath the surface, Finn the Shark, or otherwise known as the "Reckless Stalker", is waiting for his next victim. He regains health by using his active skill, "Chomp" while also dealing a mouthful of damage to the unlucky foe. His three choices of weapons are a spear, bomb, and shotgun. Finn is one of the only characters that can use his active skill underwater, alongside Donna and Milo.

Type of Fighter: Finn is a DPS since his lack of health and his extreme amount of damage and a addition speed when doing a spear-chomp combo to deal crazy amounts of damage.


  • Opening golden or emerald crates from League 7 or higher
  • Event Rewards
  • Shop deals
    • Daily Offer: 3000 Gems
    • Friend Offer: 1500 Gems
    • One-Time Offer: 600 Gems



How hard it is to kill this character.

Healthstat.png Total Health Chomp
Health 975 900 75


Total damage from all attacks.

Damagestat.png Total Shotgun Bomb Spear Chomp
Damage 1650 500 300 400 450


Your character speed and mobility, including abilities.

Agilitystat.png Total Speed Thrust Chomp
Agility 96 40 33 23


The average distance of this character's attacks.

Rangestat.png Average Shotgun Bomb Thrust Chomp
Range 85 70 60 70 140


Name Type Effect Cooldown
FinnPassive.png Blood Scent Passive Smells opponents below 25% health and makes them visible. N/A
ChompActive.png Chomp Active Charges towards prey to regain health. 7s


Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Health 795 975 1200 1481 1833 2272 2822 3508 4367 5439 6781 8457 10552 13172 16446 20539
Damage 1410 1650 1950 2325 2794 3380 4113 5027 6172 7602 9390 11626 14420 17913 22278 27735


Weapon Variant Cooldown Range Damage
(Level 1)
Spread Angle Blast
Legendsh0.png Shotgun Burst 6s 7 500 150.00° N/A
Legendbomb.png Bomb Throw 5s 6 300 N/A 5.00
Legendspear.png Spear Thrust 3s 7 400 N/A N/A


Finn is one of the oldest characters and most fun characters to play. He can be easily countered by snipers or when he tries to 1v2, He also heavily relies on his chomp. He can easily be played aggressively without losing too much health (In the long run). He isn't a great squad character as if he tries to chomp he will most likely just chip away a little bit of the opponent and die. Finn is a better 1v1 character and is good near water. One final thing to keep in mind is that Finn's active ability is a table-turner, especially against another Finn, as it can dodge, attack, AND heal. Here are the best strategies for Finn:

Fast Characters, Fuzzy, Jade, Molly, Nix, and Skippy:

These characters are too fast for Finn to reach and kill, so you need to sneak attack them from a bush or in the water. When you attack them make sure you can escape. However, if you are skilled enough, when their active is on cool down, spear-chomp them and finish them off with the rest of your weapons.

Himself, Finn:

Against a Finn, keep in mind that while you can leech their health, they can do the same to you. Your best shot is to wait for them to use their active, dodge with thrust spear, and then chomp them to leech their health, quickly following up with a shotgun burst, and they should be out of your hair, or rather gills.

Tanks: Donna; Duke; Earl, Shelly, Frank, and Duke:

This is Finn's time to shine: Because Finn has a health-leaching ability, he can pick on tanks all he wants and not have to worry about it. On that note, to do the picking, you'll want to nail them repeatedly with all your attacks and try to avoid taking most damage, and if you get damaged, just Chomp them.

Snipers: Fuzzy, Pepper, Milo, and Ollie:

Here is the trouble with Finn. If he can't get close to a character, he can't do anything. Thankfully, Finn does have a thrust long spear and Chomp to propel himself forward, and most of the time, once he reaches a sniper, they're gone.

High DPS: Finn, Steve, Jade, Skippy, Henry, Buck, and Larry:

High DPS characters have the same strategy as against another Finn, except you're dodging things that aren't Chomp.

Supports: Lizzy, Louie, and Betsy:

Louie isn't too much trouble, but Betsy and Lizzie both have their own perks that can be an unsuspecting Finn's downfall. With Lizzy, make sure not to hit any eggs, as they damage you and can end your run early, and with Betsy try to get her in the water since even though she CAN use her active in the water, you can avoid it much easier with your swim speed.

Partner choices:

Good choices as teammates for Finn are Fuzzy and Duke as they can both slow or stun opponents so Finn can finish them. Another good choice is Jade, because Jade can hunt enemies on land while you hunt them in the water. Both Jade and Fuzzy share the benefit that they have actives that speed them up, so they can revive you with defibrillator if you're knocked out.


CheekyFinn.png AngryFinn.png BloodThirstyFinn.pngFinnEmote004.png SadFinn.png




  • Finn, OllieLizzy, Henry, and Betsy are the only characters who can heal without the use of Medkits or Items.
  • Despite being a fish, Finn can stay alive out of the water and is not shown to have gills.
  • When Finn's spear is pressed and his bite right after, he dashes twice as far, doing enough damage to kill a guard in 1 shot. This is commonly known as the 'Super Bite'.
  • Be very careful with your health because he can get shredded at long range!
  • Finn is the character who has the most teeth.
  • Finn and Donna have similar mouths
  • Finn, Donna, Milo, Fuzzy and Betsy are the only characters who can use active in water without Holy Sandals


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