The Grandmaster System balances the matchmaking of the game, Zooba: Battle Royale.

In Zooba you have to earn your way be a GrandMaster starting with Grandmaster I then continuing on to II, III, IV and V, depending on your number of trophies for each character, so that means if you have 1600 Trophies with Nix and 2200 with Pepper you will have a different Tier for each one of them. You also get lots of rewards and will have a chance to collect more each each season resets.

Type Name Trophies Images
Bronze Grandmaster I 1200 Grandmaster 1.png

GM2(Silver Color)1400 Trophies

GM3(Gold Color) 1600 Trophies

GM4(Emerald Color) 1800 Trophies

GM5(Ruby Color) 2000 Trophies

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