Happy Treats is a usable item in Zooba: Battle Arena.


  • Unlockable by opening Golden or Emerald toolboxes from League 2 or higher.


In a nutshell, It allows your character to heal yourself while standing still. Other players know when you are using it by an image of a Happy Treat slowly getting munched on top of your head and some lip smacking and crunching sound effects.  


Level 5 6 7 8
Health % 5 5 5.5 5.5
Time /s 2.5 2 1.5 1


Basically, Happy Treats is a way to survive when you are badly injured, you have not killed any guards, or you want to do a weird challenge, like a no health kit challenge, or a no-weapon challenge (See TargoGaming for details, he’s great at it.) Overall, Happy Treats is very powerful, but you need to use it right. Here’s how:

Use when you need to heal after a brutal fight.

Happy Treats is used as a supplement for a lack of medkits. You need to find a good point to take on the map in order to use it safely. Use happy treats...

  • When you’re barrel camping. Players can see the crumbling treat on top of your head as you slowly regain health, so be careful!
  • When you’re surrounded by your teammates, always ready to back you up!
  • When you are safely covered by barricades, those wooden in-battle items represent a slab of wood. They made for instant, temporary protection.
  • When in the food court, gift shops, cabins, or any other roofed area. Players can’t see the cookie over your head unless they enter the structure.

Happy treats should be used on some characters, but not others. Use Happy Treats...

  • With an aggressive character who needs to deal damage up close, like Jade, Steve, or Finn.
  • With tanks. Due to how much they are teamed upon, you need Happy Treats when teamers or trolls are slowly picking you off with their long-range bows. (With that note, please don’t team in-game.)
  • With a "stay away" strategy. Especially useful in Solo Lite.


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