Holy Sandals are an epic item unlockable at League 1 in Zooba: Battle Arena.

How to Unlock It

  • Daily Deals: 3000 gems (about $60 in US Currency)
  • Legendary Crate: 1500 gems (about $30 in US Currency, not absolute. You may receive a character or different epic item in these crates.)
  • New Player Bonus (League 1-2) Bronze Toolbox (So sucky, that you can’t even buy these in the shop.)


It allows the user to temporarily walk on water.


Level 5 6 7 8
Duration /s 5s

When to Use it

Use Holy Sandals to collect items in the water while keeping defenses, or just to troll other characters with knockback items and laugh emotes. Overall, this item is best paired with knockback items, so that you can hit animals into the water, and pick them off while they are defenseless.


These characters are recommend to equip Holy Sandals


  • Using it with Donna allows you to stay invisible in water and walk on water.
  • When using Holy Sandals on Milo, the only buff is the temporary angel footstep graphics and the choir voice when entering water.
  • Abilities can still be used when using Holy Sandals.
  • This is arguably one of the best items in the game, as it enables people to not only walk on water to use weapons and actives when not previously possible, but also can give them a speed boost.


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