The Zooba items are helpful add-on's for characters to allow them to do extraordinary things. E.g

Allowing a player's shotgun to have a wider shooting range, immunity to fire damage, walking on water, regenerating health, knocking back enemies and so much more!


Item:                                               Ability:

Nitro Bow                                        Increases range and speed of the bow
Nitro Shotgun                                 Increases range and speed of shotgun
Nitro Spear                                     Increases range and speed of spear
Knockback Spear                        When the spear is used, it knocks enemies back a certain distance
Knockback Bomb                        When the bomb explodes, knocks enemies back a certain distance.
Jungle Shoes Walking out of bushes boosts speed
Fire repellent Stay in fire without taking damage
Adrenaline Shot Avoids death by automatically using healthkit
Clown Nose Make enemies visible by making them laugh
Toolkit Pick up barrels for a shield and barrel

Pick up other character's blockers

Snorkel Go into water to stay safe
Vampire Teeth                               When character is under 1/3 of their health, gains health for dealing damage. 
Cluster BombThree smaller bombs explode after the first.
Happy Treats  After standing still for a few seconds (depends on level of item), the

character gains health back. Stops when character moves or fires a weapon.

Holy Sandals Allows characters to walk on water
Molotov Bomb After bomb explodes, it leaves a fiery residue
Helium Canister Using an active pushes enemies away from the user
Guards Badge Use the peace emote to convince guards to help you
Inflatable Muscles Killing characters makes you stronger and have extra health, stacks up to 7 times
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