Kits are usable items featured in Zooba: Battle Royale. They are super useful items with a variety of effects that can help turn the tide in battle!


The most common way of obtaining a kit is by killing an enemy character. All characters will drop different kits upon defeat.


The player has two slots for kits and one additional slot for holding two health kits.

To activate a kit, the player must simply tap on the slot with the desired item.

List of Kits

There are a total 5 types of kits.

Icon Type Effect Dropped by:
Healthkit.png Health Kit Restores half of your health. All Characters
CrateKit.png Crate Kit Spawns a wooden barricate that protects you from frontal attacks before being destroyed. Can strategically be used to block paths and trap enemies. Nix, Ollie, Molly, Pepper, Jade and Buck
Shieldkit.png Shield Kit Grants you extra health. Bruce, Earl and Shelly
Beartrap.png Beartrap Kit When activated, the kit drops a trap on the ground. The trap will paralyse the enemy for one second and inflict 2.5 bars of damage within a close proximity. Finn, Fuzzy, Louie, Lizzy and Skippy.
BarrelKit.png Barrel Kit Turns you into a barrel to fool enemies and grants protection from a direct hit. Larry, Duke, and Steve.


  • Milo is the only characters don't drop any Kits except Medkits
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