Knockback Spear is a Common item in Zooba: Battle Arena.


  • Opening Bronze Toolboxes from League 7 or higher.


Spears do extra knockback to enemies.


Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Distance 7 7.5 8 8.5 9 9.5 10 10.5


These characters are recommended to equip Knockback Spear

  • Ollie: Reason: Since he is sort of slow, enemies can catch up easily except for tanks, since Ollie is a sniper, you want to keep a distance from your enemies.
  • Pepper Reason: Like Ollie, fast characters can easily catch up, without enough distance, it will be easier for your enemies to catch you
  • Milo: Reason: Again, you want to keep a distance with your enemies as a sniper, helpful since you can use your active which gives you invincibility for a few seconds which gives you a chance to spear back the enemy
  • Fuzzy: Reason: You want to use knock back spear since it goes well with Fuzzy's passive which slows down the enemy, with knock back spear, you can knock your enemies back while slowing them down.
  • Earl: Reason: Sometimes you can get knocked around as Earl, so when you are low on health you can run away with knock back spear
  • Henry: Reason: When you are facing enemies, you don't want them close to you or they can finish you off easily. That makes using Henry a bit easier.
  • Larry: Reason: Its optional but with Jungle Boots, in a solo full, this is very strong and annoying, when you are using Knock back and Jungle, you can easily dodge all attacks with jungle and when you get the chance, you can use knock back spear and knock people in the fire!


  • This is highly recommended for snipers
  • If you want to be annoying, this is item will do your job.


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