Larry, is a character featured in "Zooba: Zoo Battle Royale


On the character menu, he is described as the "Stealthy Menace". He is a stealthy and speedy chameleon. He can bombard enemies with a rapid bow, strike anyone with his spear and blast you with his shotgun. His passive helps him sneak attack on enemies or escape from danger. He is best at camouflage. Invisibility make him a master of disguise. Careful when he's around, because one moment you're looking at it him, the next, you have an ambush.


  • Can be unlocked by opening Golden, Movie, Legendary or Emerald crates from League 2 or higher.
  • Event Rewards
  • Shop deals
    • Friend offer: 1500 gems
    • Daily offer: 3000 gem
    • One-Time Offer: 600 gems



How hard it is to kill this character;

Healthstat.png Total
Health 1000


Total damage from all attacks;

Damagestat.png Total Shotgun Spear Bow
Damage 1380 500 400 480


Your character speed and mobility, including abilities;

Agilitystat.png Total Speed Thrust
Agility 100 60 40


The average distance of this character's attacks.

Rangestat.png Average Shotgun Spear Bow
Range 106 100 90 130


Name Type Effect Cooldown Duration
71 px Sticky Tongue Passive Pulls in loot from a distance No Cooldown No Duration
LarryActive.png Camouflage Active Invisibility 5.5s 5s


Notes: Larry is very mobile, which makes him easier to dodge enemy projectiles and escape/chase down enemies, take that as your advantage. Use Larry's invisibility to grab loot like med kits if there is too much trouble, and use it to ambush unsuspecting players, it even works better then the ambush Nix strategy.Larry's speed and abilities make him an annoying character to come across, use this as an advantage! Larry can ramp up damage and utility quickly thanks to his passive. Use this to pull in loot cautiously in the beginning of the match. Once you have enough items and higher rarity weapons be aggressive with his active to maximize damage.Steve (target), Henry and Finn (you have low health) can see you invisible so don't come close to themUse the spear’s thrust to move around quicker and escape from dangerous situations.Nitro Shotgun is helpful because Larry has low health and with Nitro Shotgun he doesn’t have to get too close. If you find yourself close to a tank like Buck or Bruce, it’s a good idea to use your spear to quickly get away then turn invisible and go to the left or the right. You usually have to rely on this strategy, go invisible, hit, and run. Repeat the process until your enemy is down. This strategy really helps in solos.

Balance Changes

v2.11.0 (11/16/20)

Larry is currently underperforming on most matchups, especially against Jade, Finn, and Donna. We are applying buffs to his weapon speed and range to increase his damage and stealthiness.

  • Spear range increased from 7 to 8
  • Bow attack duration decreased from 1.2 to 1
  • Bow shots per ms decreased from 140 to 120
  • Invisibility skill grants +3 speed


LARRY.pngLarry - Dork.pngLarry - Laugh.pngLarry - Spilled The Beans.png


Rebel Larry

Rebel Larry.png

Tourist Larry

Tourist Larry.png


  • When Larry uses his camouflage, he cannot use his passive ability.
  • Larry, Steve, Shelly, Earl and Henry are the only animals who are unable pick up bombs.
  • Larry's ground speed is the fastest of any animal so far.
  • When Larry uses or ends his active ability, he can be seen if enemies are close by
  • Sometimes his tongue can grab things you don't see.
  • Larry can get legendary weapons with his tongue and booty


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