Louie is a character featured in Zooba: Battle Arena.


His in game description is the "Horde Master". You can control your rats and move wherever you want. Louie you can protect you or your teammate by command your rats. Louie is a DPS and a support since he doesn't have too much health, does a lot of damage, and uses his rats to attack players and block attacks.


When Louie first came to the zoo, he was out in a rat cage, which he didn’t like. Louie called for Jade’s help, and Jade came over to his cage to claw at the lock. Unfortunately, jade missed the lock and hit Louie’s eye. Louie still had the scar in his face today.


  • Opening golden or emerald crates from League 9 or higher
  • Event Rewards
  • Shop deals
    • Daily Offer: 3000 Gems
    • Friend Offer: 1500 Gems
    • One-Time Offer: 600 Gems



How hard is to kill this character.

Healthstat.png Health
Total 1000


Total damage from all attacks.

Damagestat.png Damage
Total 1235
Spear 400
Bomb 300
Bow 280
Rats 255


Your character speed and mobility, including abilities.

Agilitystat.png Agility
Total 52
Speed 52


The average distance of this character's attacks.

Rangestat.png Range
Average 176
Spear 200
Bomb 130
Bow 200


Name Type Effect Cooldown Duration Damage Speed Health
Rats Passive Generates rats around you 2s 255 Each rat has One-Hit HP
Tooth and Claws Active Commands the Rats Range: 14


Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Health 1000 7451
Damage 1235 7556


Weapon Variant Cooldown Range Damage Spread Radius Bullets DPM
Legendspear.png Spear Single Shot 3s 20 320 1
Legendbomb.png Bomb Throw 3s 13 240 6.00 1
Legendbow.png Bow Rapid Fire 5s 20 224 3 224


Louie - He did it.pngLouie - angry.pngLouie - laugh.pngLouie - You can't Have it.pngLouie - Hocus Pocus - Angry.pngLouie - Hocus Pocu - Rainbow.png


Master Louie

Master Louie (1).png

Mime Louie

Mime Louie.png

Hocus Pocus Louie

Hocus Pocus Louie.png


  • Louie is the only character have less than 1 second cooldown with his active skill.
  • His bows' rapid fire type has a longer range than other animals.
  • It is guaranteed a win if he's going against a Lizzy, Finn, Earl and Henry.


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