Nix is one of the three starting characters in Zooba Battle Royale.


On the start menu of the game, Nix is described as 'Balanced'. On the character menu, she is described as “Nimble and Cunning”. Nix is a very crafty fox that can dash to evade attacks and take items and weapons within a blink of a second. Nix is a DPS since she has an okay amount of health and damage but her speed is really what makes her a good character and a DPS, because that is what gives her flexibility to dodge attacks from almost any character!


  • Picking Nix as the starting character.
  • Opening Golden or Emerald Crates from league 1 or higher.
  • Shop Deals
    • Daily Offer: 3000 gems (expensive)
    • Friend Offer: 1500 gems
    • Limited-time Offer: 600 gems



How hard it is to kill this character

Healthstat.png Total
Health 1100


Total damage from all attacks.

Damagestat.png Total Shotgun Bomb Bow
Damage 1000 400 300 400


Your character speed and mobility, including abilities.

Agilitystat.png Total Speed Dash
Agility 93 43 50


The average distance of this character's attacks.

Rangestat.png Avarage Shotgun Bomb Bow
Range 143 100 130 200


Name Type Effect Cooldown
NixPassive.png Quick Hands Passive Collects loot faster. None
NixActive.png Dash Active Performs a burst of quick movement known as a "Dash" towards a target location. 3s


Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Health 1100 1375 1719 2149 2686 3358 4198 5248 6560 8196 10250 12813 16016 20020 25025 31281
Damage 1100 1375 1719 2149 2686 3358 4198 5248 6560 8196 10250 12813 16016 20020 25025 31281


Weapon Variant Cooldown Range Damage
(Level 1)
Spread Angle Blast
Legendsh0.png Shotgun Burst 4s 10 400 60.00°
Legendbomb.png Bomb Throw 3s 13 300 6.50
Legendspear.png Bow Single shot 2.5s 20 300


  • Zooba v1.6.0
    • Speed on ground reduced from 47 to 45
    • Speed in water reduced from 33 to 31.5
    • Bow knockback reduced from 30 to 25
    • Bomb range reduced from 14 to 13
    • Bomb knockback reduced from 30 to 25
    • Dash range reduced from 60 to 57
  • Zooba v1.17.0
    • Arctic Nix is now available during Ice Age event
  • Zooba v1.8.0
    • Sherwood Nix skin removed from the game
    • Sherwood Nix skin is available again
    • Sherwood Nix skin removed from the game


Note: Nix is a easy character to play with when both high trophies or low trophies. Nix has medium range and high speed so Nix can play everywhere on the map. Sometime you have to risk to get the med kits before them due to your passive. To play Nix you don't want to get close to tank or DPS character, they gonna kill you instantly anyway but remember to keep distance. Nix can catch up with any character so not a problem when you can get in or get out a fight.

Fast Characters: Fuzzy, Skippy, Jade, and Molly

These are the characters that sometime can catch up with Nix so you don't rely on your speed to play. Play carefully when meet these Character when they have more damage than you. Dash in and Dash out when ever you need, steal weapons and medkits at the beginning of the battle. If these characters are higher or the same level, you may not get out alive.

Herself, Nix:

The mirror match up. On this match up you need to rely on your skill to win. Aim your now while you running and Dash the opposite side you running to prevent prediction of your opponent. Use your bomb to force your opponent dash away then Dash in and use your shotgun or you can stand there and aim your now where she dash in. It's not a great idea to chase her even you are more level than you because she have advantage than you when it's easier to hit while running.

Tanks: Donna, Duke, Earl, Bruce, Frank, and Shelly:

Probably not a good idea to get close to them. When you're fighting with them make sure you keep your distance away from him, if they gets close to the range where your shotgun can reach, fire your shotgun at him then run away with your active skill "Dash". After that keep attacking him with your bow and grenade, when his health is low, use your active skill "Dash" or get close to him and then finish him off with your shotgun. (I don't really recommend the last step because people who play tank might has "Adrenaline Shot" with them, so it's better if you kept your distance away from him and just use it to your advantage.

Snipers: Fuzzy, Pepper, Milo, and Ollie:

Really I have to say this is a problem. Sniper can use their long range to kill you from far away. To kill them you need to get closer to them and use your shotgun, bomb and bow. But I don't recommend to get closer to them as many Sniper players have item knockback spear that's why figure it yourself to kill him.

High DPS: Finn, Steve, Jade, Skippy, Henry, Buck, and Larry:

When you see a DPS character do not get close. Keep dashing away while shooting arrows at them to knock back you a little bit and keep shooting. DPS just like Tank but sometime can catch up to you and Stay away from bushes since DPS is a close ranged Character and would try to sneak attack you from bushes.

Supports: Lizzy, Louie, and Betsy:

You can either choose to get close or keep distance when they does not deal high damage or high speed like other characters. And their active still annoying to play with.


Adrenaline Shot, Nitro Shotgun, Vampire Teeth, Cluster Bomb





Nix Noir

Nix Noir.png


  • Nix is one of the three starting characters.
  • Nix, Duke Skippy, and Donna are the only animals can't pick up a spear.
  • She is the fastest character currently
  • With her speed, and passive, she is a very strong character that can steal med kits and outplay many characters
  • Nix has quite a long range on her shotgun so if you use Nitro Shotgun on her, it will almost be a middle range weapon.


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