Steve is a character featured in "Zooba: Zoo Battle Arena"

Steve (3).png

Known as the "Dauntless Diver". Beware of this eagle and his sharp eye, because he can fly anywhere and land hitting nearby enemies. While flying he gets a boost, he can see better in bushes in order to hunt them down or know there is danger nearby. He can shoot multiple arrows from a single bow, shoot a burst from a shotgun, and do a 360 spin with a spear. His passive lets him see any enemy even if its invisible, and also deals extra damage! His active lets him do his infamous dive, widely considered overpowered. It might seem like he's just going for a quick fly, right? No, he's just in the air so he can dive down and flatten his enemies like pancakes, while he's flying, he can can burst through a building's ceiling in order to get his prey! That explains why it's called a “Rude Swoop”!

Steve is a DPS since he lacks health but does a whole lot of damage and more damage when he lands!


  • Opening golden or emerald crates from League 9 or higher
  • Event Rewards
  • Shop deals
    • Daily Offer: 3000 Gems
    • Friend Offer: 1500 Gems
    • One-Time Offer: 600 Gems



How hard it is to kill this character

Healthstat.png Total
Health 900


Total damage from all attacks.

Damagestat.png Total Shotgun Spear Bow Rude Swoop
Damage 1750 500 300 600 350


Your character speed and mobility, including abilities.

Agilitystat.png Total Speed Rude Swoop
Agility 109 45 64


The average distance of this character's attacks.

Rangestat.png Average Shotgun Spear Bow
Range 76 70 60 100


Note: (Insert useful Note and tips for good gameplay on Steve)

Himself, Steve:

Tanks Donna, Duke, Earl, Bruce, Frank, and Shelly:

Snipers Fuzzy, Pepper, Milo, and Ollie:

High DPS: Finn, Jade, Skippy, Henry, Buck, and Larry:

Supports: Lizzy, Louie, and Betsy:


CheekySteve.pngAngrySteve.pngSteveEmote001.pngSteveEmote002.pngSteveEmote003.pngSteve - Sandstorm - Angry.pngSteve - Sandstorm - Laugh.png



  • Steve is able to enter houses while flying.
  • Steve, of course, cannot fly outside the zoo. (unless he is affected by a bug)
  • Steve, apart from Finn is the only character in-game who's passive affects his teammates
  • Steve is the only animal who, apart from Finn and Henry, can see Larry in his invisible state.
  • Steve cannot be damaged while up in the air (even fire)
  • Steve is the character that has the highest attack power ( second is Finn and third is Jade.)
  • He can see further in the bushes while flying
  • he has zoowatch steve (a summer skin)


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