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  • A lake with icebergs
  • Lots of snow and ice
  • Igloo (filled with ice)
  • Guards
  • High-quality weapons
  • Guaranteed to give you all of your character weapon types.
  • Two large bushes
  • Tons of trees


  • Small bushes
  • Low quality weapons
  • A small lake that goes around the map
  • A waterfall next to bushes
  • Guards coming from the lake


  • One golden weapon barricaded by glass
  • Many high quality weapons
  • Lots of guards
  • 3 or 2 teams


  • 2 or 3 Guards
  • Houses
  • High or low quality weapons
  • Two Islands
  • Fountain
  • High quality weapons in houses and fountain


Location Advantages Disadvantages
Forest An awesome place to hide if you have low health. Has lots and lots of bushes, so is an especially good biome for close-range fighters. They can easily ambush snipers and take the kill. It is also good for some snipers, like Pepper. Pepper can use her neck to look out for close-range fighters who can stumble upon it and kill it. Bombs are perfect here. Since they cover a lot of range, they might just hit a slow character. The forest contains a lot of low quality weapons but if your lucky, you might find a golden weapon in the tree stump or cave! You can also get ambushed and killed. by other close-range fighter or Peppers, since they can see through bushes.
Savannah Perfect place for close-range characters only if they equip jungle shoes! This is a perfect place for jungle shoes. Even slow characters such as Bruce and Donna can go fast! This is a good place to start out since there are a variety of weapons here. Bombs are very useful here. Since the bushes are small, the bomb can cover a whole bush. Easy for snipers and close ranged characters such as Jade to ambush you. Be There are lots of weapons here, and they are either normal, bronze, silver, and rarely, golden.
Arctic The ice is so slippery even the slowest characters can go slightly faster! High-quality weapons can be found in igloo. It is a wonderful place to start since it usually gives you all your weapon types and has two or three guards around the circular map beside the igloo. It is a good place for Fuzzy since he can't slip on ice which in some cases is very helpful. The slipperiness makes characters fast, but they will slip and will be harder to handle.
Museum This is one of the most guarded places to start. It contains one golden weapon protected by glass. More golden weapons can also be dropped by nearby guards. There are quite a lot of guards here, so it is perfect to stock up on meds. Lots of players tend to spawn here, so if you do not gather weapons in the first few seconds, you will most likely not make it out alive.


League 1 Nix · Bruce · Buck
League 2 Larry · Molly
League 3 Pepper · Shelly
League 4 Ollie
League 5 Duke · Jade
League 6 Fuzzy · Betsy · Milo
League 7 Finn · Donna
League 8 Lizzy · Earl
League 9 Steve · Louie
League 10 Skippy
League 11 Henry · Frank
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